glad rags: tea at the ritz

a collection of stitched-paper prints, inspired by the "Tea at the Ritz" 'dress' quilt in the retrospective gallery. They are reminiscent of iconic fashions from another era - a nostalgic reflection of long-ago haute couture wardrobes from a time of high teas, afternoon lawn parties and elegant evenings.

the paper dresses are approximately 14 3/4" x 14 3/4" (unframed) and are constructed in several steps, beginning with machine-pieced batiks and patterned cloth elements that evoke opulent high-style dress fabrics. After the separate components are ink-jet printed, the dresses are assembled, joined with machine top-stitching and then embellished with hand-beaded and hand-pierced designs.

Tea at the Ritz I Tea at the Ritz II Tea at the Ritz III Tea at the Ritz IV Tea at the Ritz V
Tea at the Ritz VI
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glad rags: high society

using the same process described in the Tea At The Ritz prints, the 15” x 15” (unframed) HIGH SOCIETY paper dresses are more ‘evening’ than ‘afternoon, more formal than fanciful. Shimmering embellishments and deep luscious colors evoke the opulence of brocade, watered silk and crushed velvet - - - reflecting the apparel of cotillions and coronations, and exemplifying the ultimate in extravagance, appropriate for candle-lit dinners at the Austrian Embassy, evenings at La Scala and midnight suppers at the Captain’s table on trans-Atlantic crossings, echoing the opulence of a glittering Gilded Age via elaborate beading and pierced designs.

High Society: BLACKBERRY High Society: BLUEBERRY
High Society: PERSIMMON 
High Society: PLUM
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