quilted icons

inspired by liturgical altars, triptychs, Japanese temples and architectural symmetry. The triangular peaks at the top edges suggest the gable of a traditional House quilt block. The icons are supported by an interior armature that allows them to stand like a small quilted sculpture, as well as be displayed on a wall. Some have hinged side panels that can be opened and closed like a book; others have three-dimensional projections. The icons are machine pieced, machine and hand quilted, and are embellished with beads, ribbon and paper collage elements including antique postcards, old photos and stereopticon cards.

Icon: Juggler Triptych: Tropical Walk Triptych: Orange Grove Triptych: Tea Party Ladies
Triptych: Yokohama Lilies The Wall and the Window: Santa Fe Saint Ann: Patron Saint of Seamstresses and Lace Makers Saint Gertrude: Patron Saint of Gardeners
Triptych: Tonight, in the Sky Triptych: Star Map / Moon and Memory Star Tower: Promontory
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