In my lectures, I try to document both traditional and contemporary quilts that have taken my breath away and touched my heart - not because of their complexity but because of their honesty, their poetry, their eloquence, their exemplary craftsmanship, expressive color and dynamic design. Some lectures focus on my own quilts, others on the work of my teaching colleagues and workshop students, all of whom inspire me.

• Making Quilts and Making Art
Leo Tolstoy said "Everything I know, I know only because I love." This lecture is about things I love; the recurring themes in my paintings, quilts and stitched paper prints.

• The Mountain and the Magic: A trip around the world
Quilts inspired by teaching trips to Japan. All our travels can be documented, whether we cross a continent or only our own backyard.

• The Quilt-Makers' Art/Alive and Flourishing
Thirty years of contemporary quilts inspired by nature, culture, architecture, optical illusions and geography.

• Baring our souls/Uncovering the heart and humor of quilt-makers
A continuing conversation in cloth, between generations of quilt-makers responding to their world.

• "Big Rocks and Smart Women" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Symposium"
Both lectures focus on Art, LIfe, quilt-making and risk-taking as seen by Mick Jagger, Gertrude Stein, Frank Lloyd Wright, Noel Coward and Arturo Toscanini - by novelists, musicians, philosophers, quilt-makers and dreamers.

• Cobwebs and Constellations
Quilts as visual diaries that reveal hearth, home and homeland, seen through the eyes of pioneer quilt-makers reflecting on their lives and dreams.

• Artists and Ancestors/Patterns and Parallels
This lecture reveals the remarkable similarities between classic quilt formats and contemporary art, affirming that abstract geometric design flourished long before the advent of 20th century hard-edge painting.

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