In the mid-1970s, a fascination with the long-range goal led me away from making large acrylic paintings about quilts... to actually making quilts. Since then, I've learned that for some, it is important to make ten (... or fifty) quilts every year; and for others, it is important to never make the same quilt twice. I don't think of myself as working 'in a series'... it's more like a sequence; each quilt suggests five more; I choose one of the five and make it... and that quilt suggests five more.

My quilts have always been about things I dream about, remember, wish for or don't want to forget. While they are like non-pictorial visual diaries that have interior meanings which only I may recognize, I hope that viewers will discover their own meanings in my work, recalling their own memories, creating a conversation between the artist and the audience.

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